Business Central for #BuyInJackson

If you’re a business, organization, or non-profit here’s a link to several ways you can partner with us in this campaign. The first one is the most important and it’s totally free.

1. Add Your Business/Non-Profit to the #BuyInJackson Directory

Add your business for free so the Jackson Co. community can support you during this time. Add your business here.

2. Donate a Gift Card to the Giveaway

We’re giving extra incentive for our community to take action right now with a great giveaway. You can donate a gift card from your business and it will be added as a prize in the giveaway giving you extra visibility throughout this campaign. If this isn’t something you want to or can do then no worries just add your details to the directory.

Send us a note here if you’re interested. See the giveaway here.

3. Become a Partner

This campaign is made possible by our generous partners who’s resources are helping us to reach as many people in Jackson Co. as possible. If you’re a company looking to enable support for our community at the grassroots level yet receive significant exposure and goodwill then explore the program here and then get in touch here or by calling Matt Heffner at (517) 317-8926.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who’s behind Join in Jackson and the #BuyInJackson campaign? 
A: The team at Red Oak Local created this site and campaign. We’re a marketing agency located here in Jackson Co. We love where we live and wanted to create a resource to help people who live here experience their hometown more. When we saw the crisis COVID-19 the pandemic has caused on many businesses we love we launched this campaign to help our community support the business/non-profit community that make up the fabric of our lives. Feel free to reach out here if you have any questions for us.

Q: Are you making money off of this #BuyInJackson campaign? 
A: Nope. Any financial inflow from our partners will go to either: #1 Pay our staff to directly manage and promote this campaign through various means such as Press outreach, business outreach, social media, email marketing, and more. These things are effective but they take a lot of time to do it right. And, #2 Advertising Costs. We’re aggressively promoting this campaign to the Jackson County community through Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more. It’s very effective but it will take more resources to continue this. The more resources that we receive the more visibility we can generate for our local business/non-profit community.