Your inbox is probably hit on a weekly basis – if not more often – about another way you can use your limited marketing budget to spread the word about your business, experience, or attraction. There are a lot of options, from traditional print media to the more nuanced online marketing strategies.

You want to be sure that your marketing budget is being spent on strategies that will increase your business, plain and simple. And you don’t want to have to wander down the tunnel of sales and marketing-eeze that only confuses instead of making plans more clear to you.

You want clear marketing options and you want to know that you’re getting in front of the right people for your organization to grow.

In a world of print, online ads, content creators, travel bloggers, and influencers, why should you choose Join In Jackson?

We’re Content Marketers

We are content marketers who have specialized in travel content for the last seven years.

We approach each experience through the lens of building content that has staying power. Quality, well-researched content that is good for growing through search both now, and into the future, as well as being really shareable on social is our goal.

Of course we highlight your experience across our entire platform (more on that below!) because that’s the best way to keep people’s attention online.

We are for Jackson and for Michigan – people, places, and products – so you know our number one priority is working with you to connect people who love, live, work, and play in Jackson.

Multi-Touch Marketing Approach

In a world of “ad blindness”, roaring ad blockers, and busy, noisy lives, how do you know that your business will get attention from your online marketing strategy?

Our multi-touch approach means that your business is being displayed all of the places people are hanging out online. You will show up in their email inbox through our weekly newsletter, on social media with boosted posts, and through quality, Google-juice rich content that only keeps growing.

And then, we partner with you for at least a month. That way, people keep seeing and learning more about you. You are cutting through the noise and being heard and remembered.

It’s the best way to build trust and let people take action.

Natural Language

You might think that with all those touchpoints, people will zone out with all the sales-y language.

But we don’t speak sales-eeze.

As content marketers, we specialize in compelling, informative content. We produce both qualitative and quantitative content. In short, any content should produce results while also being enjoyable to read.

So whether it’s a paragraph or an entire blog post, we talk about your business through our own experiences and then share it, just like we would in a conversation with friends.

Jackson Focused

Great ads and content are only part of the equation, though. You also need to get in front of the right audience.

Putting up a billboard on I-94 ensures that a lot of people see your business. But are they people looking for an experience like yours? How do you know?

Putting an ad on Facebook to a specific area or audience means that a lot of people will see your experience. But are they looking for something like that right now? And how many ads will they get just like yours afterward?

At Join In Jackson, our audience is full of people who live, work, and play in Jackson. In short, they LOVE Jackson as much as we do.

So not only are you getting in front of a large number of people, you’re getting in front of people who are most likely to want to share in a Jackson, Michigan experience or attraction and to support Jackson businesses because they LOVE Jackson are engaging with a platform all about Jackson.

Professional and On Time

Join In Jackson is not a hobby for us.

We have worked in the travel industry for seven years, specializing in quality content creation. We have brought those skills to Join In Jackson because, like you, we live, work, and play here in Jackson, Michigan. We have chosen to make this our home and put roots down here. And we also wanted to use our unique skill set to promote this awesome state we live in.

We take promoting your business, experience, or attraction as seriously as you do.

So you know you can count on us to deliver your content, emails, ads, and more on time and with excellence.

How to Partner with Join In Jackson

At Join In Jackson, we offer a la carte marketing items and packages to promote your organization to our audience. You can choose what works best for your organization, from a one-time event promotion to a total takeover of Join In Jackson, and options in between.

We strive to offer options for most budgets through our regular partnership packages.