Weathered Silos Farm is a raw milk herd share operation located in Hanover, MI, in the southwest corner of Jackson County, and is operated by Kellie Benzing.

Weathered Silos Farm - Jackson County Michigan

Weathered Silos Farm takes excellent care of the cows, allowing them to graze a blend of grass and legumes and offering mineral supplements like organic kelp. They are a MAEAP environmentally assured farm.

“Our family is thrilled to join this farm in herd shares where we can enjoy getting fresh milk on a weekly basis. We have also enjoyed beef and pork that was raised here. The owners are super friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable every time we come. I highly recommend this farm!”

– Katie R on Facebook

To enjoy raw unpasteurized raw grass milk, you need to become a Herd Share Owner. Raw milk cannot be sold or purchased in the state of Michigan.

Learn more about becoming a herd share owner at