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Our Family’s Experience at Legacy 517 – Jackson MI Jiu-Jitsu, Self-Defense, and More

I don’t know about you but my kids have a lot of energy. I mean, if we could figure out a way to bottle that stuff, we’d really be on to something. We need a way to channel that energy productively.

At the same time, I think self-defense is super important for kiddos. I wish that wasn’t true, but it definitely is. I want them to have the tools they need to back up the talks we have about tricky people and safe and unsafe grown-ups.

Plus, martial arts are super healthy and great support to any other sport they decide to play, if they decide to play other sports.

So since putting roots down in Jackson, we’ve been looking for the right fit for our family.

And I’m so glad we found Legacy 517 – in my opinion, they offer the best martial arts in Jackson Michigan.

Legacy 517 - BJJ Martial Arts Classes

Legacy 517 – Brazilian Jiujitsu in Jackson Michigan

Since we are most interested in the self-defense aspect of martial arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu or BJJ makes the most sense. It is based on ground fighting and founded on self-defense principles which makes it a great way to not sure learn the moves (more on that in a minute), but these are the kind of movements that you want to know if you should ever need them.

All four of our children attend class at Legacy. I love how family-friendly of an environment it is! Even though they are different ages, they are all in the same class right now. Then in class, they are partnered up with someone of the same size and/or skill to practice their new skills. It’s awesome!

They have classes for teens and adults, making it a truly well-rounded family fitness location.

What Is Class Like at Legacy 517 Martial Arts School in Jackson Michigan?

Martial arts classes in Jackson Michigan at Legacy 517 are available in both GI (the outfit you think of when you think of BJJ or other martial arts) and no GI. The difference is how the holds and grips are executed. In no GI, you’re focusing on self-defense. In GI, you’re focusing on self-defense, along with learning the competitive moves for BJJ.

My kids get their GIs on and run onto the mat – no shoes allowed. They line up, bow to the flags, bow to the instructor, and take some laps.

Then the real fun begins.

Usually, they get into lines where they start working on some moves right away in warm-ups. The work on their back and forward rolls as well as their break falls. 

Then, it’s time to start working on that day’s new moves. Usually, they work on it in a sequence to keep building on the skill. So they meet at center mat to get instructions, then head off with a partner to practice.

Often this repeats a few times throughout class so that they can build on the new skills and tie them together.

Depending on the day, they may learn a new sequence, review something, or they may spar or grapple. This is BJJ’s way of describing what most people would call wrestling.

Class usually ends with a fun way to solidify these skills – a ninja course, grapple ball, and sometimes dodge ball.

Legacy 517 - Ninja Liz

What I LOVE About Legacy 517 Martial Arts in Jackson Michigan

Honestly, I’m continually impressed by the instructors at Legacy 517 Martial Arts School in Jackson Michigan. My kids usually have the owners, Liz and Josh, as their instructors.

Not every Black Belt has a love for teaching, but it just oozes out of Ninja Liz, as her students affectionately call her. She is so patient and intentional with every student, from the 3-year-olds up to the 10, 11, or 12-year-olds.

My kids are learning real skills that they can use in so many ways. It helps them focus and be more disciplined. It helps them to learn how to harness and use their strength. And it helps them if they need self-defense.

My kids also know when to use BJJ. They know it’s for in class and in a time of need because their instructors talk with them about this. [Our kids also get to come home and show their new moves to Dad which is called Dad-ditsu time.]

I love that all of my kids are in the same class. I love that they can come as few as one time a week (or not at all if they’re sick that week) or up to several times a week, all for one cost. I love that we pay monthly and it’s automatic. I love that there’s a family rate – which is making it so this mama works out while they are in class (yay! Mom’s getting healthy too!).

And I love that we can pause or cancel anytime if we need a break, hit a busy season, or any reason at all.

Legacy 517 - Rock Climbing Wall

There’s More to Love at Legacy 517 in Jackson Michigan

But Legacy is not just BJJ. There are classes for Crossfit, Zumba, Karate, wellness, self-defense seminars, both on and off-site, personal training, sports training camps to develop youth and college level athletes in sports training, and educational camps for those who wish to become certified coaches. Massage, Tanning, and FaithRXD – a faith-based workout and fellowship held once a month, free to the community – are also available at Legacy 517. 

Plus they are incredibly community-minded so not only are they supporting the local Jackson community, they are also building a community at the studio through cool events like Trunk or Treat, holiday parties, community service projects, Toys for Tots, Friday family nights, feeding families at Thanksgiving, sponsoring families at Christmas, and as well as the Adopt-A-Cop program, that allows all law enforcement agents to train for free. 

And honestly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their birthday parties. My kids got invited to one and it was AWESOME. They got to climb the rock wall, do ninja obstacle courses, and run around living their best lives for 2 hours.

BJJ at Legacy 517 has been such a gift to our family and I know it will continue to be. Anyone of any fitness level can find something to be a part of at Legacy 517. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised is very soon, you found more and more members of your family finding ways to get involved, too.


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