Top Line Apparel T-Shirt Shop Jackson MI

The Best T-Shirt Shop in Jackson County MI

I’m a t-shirt snob. There, I said it.

It’s likely because I have been almost 6 feet tall since I was 12 years old and constantly had trouble finding clothes that fit in the 90s – hello, crop tops round 1, which were not something I could wear to school.

So obviously, I have some issues and they involve my t-shirts fitting supremely well. And also now that I’m old(er), I absolutely want my shirts to be as soft as possible while also not being see-through or clingy.

I know, I’m asking a lot from a simple t-shirt. I get it.

That’s why it’s super important for me to put up a search and then stick with what works.

Top Line Apparel T-Shirt Shop Jackson MI

Back in the spring, I was needing t-shirts for an event. I work weird hours so stores are not usually open when I’m in the office and available to ask questions. This had me looking at brands that had evening hours live chat options. I was ok with it because they were still Michigan-based.

But the reality was that they were about moving people through as quickly as possible. My questions didn’t get answered. The catalogs were confusing. I had to speak a secret language to find what I was looking for and get what I needed.

It got incredibly frustrating incredibly quickly.

So I decided I needed to refine my search and go hyper-local so I could get the answers I needed, go into a store to see samples, and have a face-to-face conversation.

And that’s where Top Line Apparel LLC comes into the picture.

I chose Top Line for a lot of reasons:

  • family-owned and operated in Spring Arbor, MI
  • honest turn around time
  • fantastic selection
  • great-looking prints and designs
  • and above all, incredible customer service

Top Line Apparel T-Shirt Shop Jackson MI

Top Line Apparel, The Best T-Shirt Shop in Jackson, MI

I couldn’t find what I was looking for online, customer service was extremely lacking, and I was running out of time. I knew I needed to change my approach and head in-person to a local shop.

Top Line was exactly what I was looking for. I went into the store and was able to talk to one of the owners, Randi Greenslade.

She answered every question I had (sometimes more than once) and gave me her best advice on the products that would fit my needs. She also had samples of everything in the shop so I was able to see and feel it for myself before making a decision.

On top of that, we ended up having a few hold-ups on our end and they were always able to give me an honest timeframe on what that would do to our expected production.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the experience with Top Line. We’ve ordered several more times from them and I recommend them whenever someone is looking to have shirts, hats, or any logo or sports apparel made.

Top Line Apparel T-Shirt Shop Jackson MI

What to Expect at Top Line Apparel, Spring Arbor, MI

If you’re looking at a printing project for your business, school, sports team, event, or anything else, you’ll definitely want to check out Top Line’s website. You can fill out the contact form with the project you’re looking to do. Or you can head right into the store in Spring Arbor.

I chose the in-person route so I could ask ALL my questions in one shot. This worked well for me and left me fully equipped to make any decisions I needed to make.

I came with a design, but you don’t have to. They have options for team mascots and they work with a designer who can work with your ideas to come up with what’s right for you. If you come with your own design, make sure you have the correct file type – just check when you talk with them. Or their designer can turn it into the right kind of file for you!

Next, I picked out what I wanted. Being a t-shirt snob, I wanted soft t-shirts that I knew people would actually want to wear long-term. They needed to be long. And they needed to have great color options.

Randi advised me on what they use often and what people really like – both in quality and in price point.

After that, it was sharing files, adjusting deadlines when we had a delay on our end, and setting up the process.

I picked everything up right when they promised I could.

It was awesome.

And so refreshing for the process to have gone that well.

Honestly, it made my job so much easier.

A feature I did not take advantage of this time is that they offer a pop-up shop. So if you’re doing spirit wear in Jackson for your favorite team, they will create a shop with your design, your shirt, hat, pants, or whatever you choose. And then you can send the team to order directly from them.

The orders get fulfilled and get picked up in one complete project or they even offer shipping!

I cannot wait to use this for our next shop run.

All-in-all, I was extremely pleased with my experience with Top Line and I will use them over and again for printing projects. You should definitely check them out for your next printing project.


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