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The Best Cupcake in Jackson at The Five Forks

Sometimes, you just need a cupcake.

I’m not making this up – it’s just a fact of life.

When you are hankering for a cupcake, you want an exquisite cupcake – perfect cake consistency, flavorful, and beautiful.

And that’s just what you’ll find at The Five Forks, a bakery in Jackson, MI.

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Flavors at The Five Forks

There are so many flavors to enjoy at The Five Forks. When I took my girls – girls who are focused on both taste and beauty – they were in awe of all of the beautiful choices in the display case.

Cupcakes. Chocolate-dipped Oreos. Cakesicles. Cookies.

And for mama? Coffee from Fortress Cafe.

Making this a great spot for the whole family to find the best cupcake in Jackson.

Their most common flavors – Signature Flavors like Dutch Chocolate, Funfetti, and Vanilla Bean, Gourmet Flavors like Lemon, Strawberry, Grasshopper, and Carrot, and Premium Flavors like S’mores, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Peanut Butter Cup, Cookies’n’Cream, Cherry Chip – are all gorgeous and delicious.

And there are delicious seasonal flavors and color palettes to enjoy, plus holiday-themed treats. And yes, you can make special orders.

My girls each loved their treats and many bites were traded among us to be able to enjoy all of the deliciousness.

Pssst. Recently they introduced a cupcake that has cookie dough instead of icing. And it is on my list of must-try treats in Jackson.

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More About The Five Forks

The Five Forks is run by sisters Mallory and Madison and is named for their five children – or the five forks which sample their baked goods. The sisters started their business after becoming stay-at-home moms for various reasons during Covid.

And what they have created is something amazing.

The storefront, located on West Ave in Jackson, MI, is a visual feast as well as a feast for the taste buds.

Working with other local businesses, there are dried flowers, specialty birthday candles, apparel, house plants, and more.

The store is gorgeous and the cupcakes are delicious.

What more could you want?

Well, you still might be interested to know that during the summer, they are hosting Food Truck Fridays, where local food trucks come to their parking lot to serve lunch.

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The Best Cupcakes in Jackson

So if you’re looking for the best cupcakes in Jackson, MI – The Five Forks is the place you want to be.

Whether it’s a special occasion or a regular day, The Five Forks has the sweet treat you’re looking for.

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