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The Big List of FREE Christmas Lights in Jackson County Michigan

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Sledding. Trees. Hot cocoa. Countdowns. Stockings. And definitely, twinkling lights.

One of our favorite things to do is to get all the kids into their jammies, pop some popcorn, grab some hot cocoa in travel mugs, and head out to look at Christmas lights in Jackson and the surrounding area. We get to enjoy the evening as a family, oo-ing and ah-ing over the amazing light displays, choosing our favorites, and spending time together.

We all know there are hidden gems of streets, neighborhoods, or individual houses that go ALL OUT every single year to spread a little holiday cheer to those around them, so we’re putting together a list of the best places to see Christmas lights for FREE in Jackson County, Michigan.

Christmas tree and lights in downtown Jackson Michigan
photo credit: @weside517

This year could use as much cheer as possible, so we’ll keep adding to this list as we find out about more Christmas light displays that you can check. So hop in your car and go exploring! There is a map at the bottom of this post.

Please, share some of your favorites, too! If you want to nominate any other displays to the list, be sure to let us know here.

Thanks to Awesome Mitten for including our list of Christmas lights in Jackson on their best Christmas light displays in Michigan round-up!

Big List of Free Christmas Lights in Jackson County, Michigan


All pins are approximate locations and are for general planning purposes. 


Know of a great light display in Springport? We’d love to hear about it! You can nominate places by getting in touch here.


You can find some decorated houses on the list from Spring Arbor Free Methodist, located below and on the map as “SAFM Lights”.

Know of a great light display in Parma? We’d love to hear about it! You can nominate places by getting in touch here.


The Concord community came together this year – for the 3rd year in a row! – to spread cheer throughout the holidays with a Christmas lights display contest. At just $5 to enter and proceeds benefitting the local food bank, awards will also be given to the winners of the light display contest. A major thank you to the businesses who are helping to sponsor the prizes, because at the end of the day, the winner is the community of Concord – and anyone else who chooses to head out there and enjoy these amazing light displays.

Here is the complete list from Concord Community Christmas Lights compiled by their organization.

1. 13997 Cornell Rd
2. 16101 Cornell Rd
3. 14497 Hutchinson Rd
4. 14555 Elm Row Rd
5. 4693 N. Concord Rd
6. 6375 Parsons Rd
7. 10888 Sears Rd (3rd Place)
8. 665 Mill St
9. 511 Hanover St
10. 428 Hanover St
11. 121 S. Concord St
12. 201 E. Center St
13. 209 E. Center St
14. 215 Division St (1st Place)
15. 414 Paddock Lane
16. 515 Lake Ct
17. 118 Third St (2nd Place)
18. 124 Third St
19. 293 Second St
20. 205 Keefer St
21. 101 Jackson Rd
22. 13618 Homer Rd

Spring Arbor

best Christmas lights in Jackson MI - Spring Arbor

King Rd, Just Off M60 – From M60, head West on King Rd.

Corner of King Rd and Lorrie Dr – This is a pretty good neighborhood for enjoying light displays. If you take Lorrie to the back of the development, and circle back around on Daggitt, you’ll see several good displays throughout the neighborhood.

King Rd, Just Before Dearing Rd – After you enjoy that neighborhood, head back out on King and go towards Dearing

Corner of King and Dearing Roads – Check out the house on the corner before heading south on Dearing

Dearing and Remington – Lots of inflatables fill the yard on the corner of Remington and Dearing

Burr Oak – There’s a large nativity silhouette cut out on Burr Oak.

Audrey St/Richard St – There a couple of good light displays back in this neighborhood, as well.

Melody Lane – Inflatables and lights both await you on Melody Lane.

Spring Arbor Free Methodist has put together a list of the best light displays in Spring Arbor. You can even vote on your favorite!! You can see the full list here: Spring Arbor Christmas Lights. (Labeled as “SAFM Lights” on our map.)

1.120 E. Main St, Spring Arbor 49283
2. 239 Cottage St, Spring Arbor 49283
3. 3530 Victor St, Spring Arbor 49283
4. 7032 Gilroy Ct, Spring Arbor 49283
5. 412 Richard St, Spring Arbor 49283
6. 422 Richard St, Spring Arbor 49283
7. 3516 Wakefield Ct, Spring Arbor 49283
8. 153 Harmony Rd, Spring Arbor 49283
9. 178 Harmony Dr, Spring Arbor 49283
10. 136 Blenheim Dr, Spring Arbor 49283
11. 230 Wickenham Dr, Spring Arbor 49283
12. 6404 Carter Rd, Spring Arbor 49283
13. 5340 Deer Ridge Rd, Jackson 49201
14. 5235 Timbercrest Trail, Jackson 49201
15. 1614 4th St, Jackson 49203
16. 736 Gettysburg Ave, Jackson 49203
17. 1975 Catalina Ave, Jackson 49201
18. 4021 Magnolia Pkwy, Jackson 49201
19. 6120 Stone Creek Dr, Jackson 49201
20. 6892 Cambria Dr, Spring Arbor 49283
21. 3401 Dearing Rd, Apt. 1, Spring Arbor 49283
22. 3004 Dearing Rd, Spring Arbor 49283
23. 7258 Sydney Ct, Spring Arbor 49283
24. 2021 Elwood Blvd, Spring Arbor 49283
25. 2025 Elwood Blvd, Spring Arbor 49283
26. 2061 Elwood Blvd, Spring Arbor 49283
27. 8118 Glenbarr Dr, Parma 49269
28. 8242 Lockerbie, Parma 49269
29. 7969 Brandon Dr, Parma 49269
30. 1205 Chapel Rd, Parma 49269
31. 4030 Southwell Dr, Parma 49269
32. 1057 S. Parma Rd, Parma 49269
33. 1058 S. Parma Rd, Parma 49269
34. 353 Wood Hills Dr, Concord 49237
35. 215 Division St, Concord 49237
36. 8850 Hammond Rd, Concord 49237
37. 3755 Chapel Rd, Spring Arbor 49283
38. 167 Burr Oak Dr, Spring Arbor 49283


best Christmas lights in Jackson MI - Hanover-Horton

Union St – Here you’ll find a yard full of inflatables!

Maitland Dr/Skyline Dr – Maitland and Skylines Drives run parallel to each other off of Hanover Rd. Many houses are lit up and you’ll find some inflatables, too.

Grass Lake

Wolf Lake Dr – Between Page Ave and Grosvenor, you’ll find a display that was submitted on Facebook.

The Fairy Forest of Grass Lake – A recent influx of fairies to Grass Lake has created a beautiful and one-of-a-kind fairy experience, including, Christmas lights!


219 Lakeview Dr – Tune in to 98.1FM to watch the lights dance to the music.


Know of a great light display in Napoleon? We’d love to hear about it! We’d love to hear about it! You can nominate places by getting in touch here.


Downtown Brooklyn – There is a great Christmas display in Downtown Brooklyn, right in the square.

9935 Brooklyn Rd – Tune to FM 104.5 to hear the music that dances to the lights

And don’t forget – Nite Lites is at MIS again this year, as well. Nite Lites has an entrance fee per vehicle. You can learn more on our events calendar. 

Michigan Center

Catalpa Near Flansburg – You’re sure to enjoy the luminaries light display in Michigan Center on Christmas Eve.

5th Street – There are many decorated trees and homes to enjoy on 5th Street.

Leoni Community Park – You’ll love the 30 trees decorated by residents as a fundraiser for the Lion’s Club.

Pleasant Lake

Corner of Meridian and Losey – After the house on the corner of Meridian and Losey, then head down Meridian for two or three more before you come to Styles Rd. Then, head down Territorial Rd to enjoy a few more between Meridian and Hankard Rd.


best Christmas lights in Jackson MI- Michigan Center

500 Block of Quarry Street – Drive down Quarry St in Jackson with your radio dial tuned to 87.9 and watch a light display synchronized with what you hear on the radio!

Consumers – Downtown – Be sure to check out all of the gorgeous Downtown Jackson lights, the decorated Downtown storefronts, and for sure, the Consumers building all lit up!

Washington – Many homes on this street are brightly lit and decorated.

And on Christmas Eve, between Brown and West – The residents of Washington St, between Brown and West Streets, put luminaries out on the sidewalk somewhere between 6 and 6:30 pm. Those luminaries glow until they burn themselves out and offer a glowing view of the entire street.

Lochmoor Blvd – Back in Golfview Hills, you will find several houses lit up for the holidays.

Behind Polly’s in Vandercook – You’ll find a delightful light display behind Polly’s Country Market which can be seen from Parkway St.

Bagg and McDevitt – This year’s light display is a token of remembrance for the late residents. And per a tip on Facebook, there are many grat displays on Bagg!

best Christmas lights in Jackson MI - Vandercook Lake

Essex Heights between Kibby and S W Ave  – This is a great neighborhood to drive through and enjoy the Christmas lights displays.

Morrel St – A yard full of inflatables – so much fun for the kids! – can be found on Morrel on the 2800 block.

Marion St – A winter wonderland full of lights and inflatables – fun for everyone.

Coachlight  – Located off of Mccain Rd on the south side, this is a neighborhood where you can see several lighted houses.

Sequoia Dr – Located off of Mccain Rd on the north side, this is a neighborhood where you’ll enjoy a few houses.

Birdlands – Located off of Lansing Ave and near NW Elementary school, these streets with bird names offer many great views of Christmas lights.

M106 North of Hawkins  – This one was submitted on our Facebook page and I can’t wait to check it out!

Amos St – Another tip from Facebook is to check out Amos St off of East Michigan Ave!

Stonegate Farms – Located off of Lansing Ave in Blackman Twp, this subdivision is a great place to check out lights per a tip on Facebook.

613 Backus – Another one submitted via email, this house on Backus has a fun display.

Roosevelt Circle – This entire street is worth the drive with one house hosting more than 150 plastic figurines all lit up!

2000 Ackerson Lake Rd – Another one submitted on Facebook

620 W Monroe Street – This house was nominated by a husband, down with Covid, whose wife lit up their house!

1107 Union St – Another email submission. We can’t wait to check this out!

Plateau Drive – This entire neighborhood is worth a drive through according to an email we received!

Balmars Ave – We’ve heard from more than one person that Balmars Ave is pretty lit up this holiday season. Check it out!


Munith, Michigan – While not in Jackson, it’s worth the drive up to 9695 Sayers Rd in Munith to see a synchronized light display. Tune to FM 100.1 for the music.


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