Greetings from Jackson Michigan murals - part of Bright Walls Jackson

Best of Jackson Michigan Gift Basket Giveaway

I’ve moved a lot – I mean, a LOT. I’m so glad now to call Jackson home and to have roots down here, but I don’t forget the seasons of being the new person in the new place.

Recently, I had the chance to put together a welcome basket for a new family moving to Jackson Michigan. I was so excited to put together a basket of Jackson goodies from Jackson vendors to welcome them, to help them discover some of the treasures of their new city, and to have some tasty treats when they needed a break from unpacking.

I had so much fun putting it together! It was like discovering and rediscovering Jackson Michigan favorites, I decided I wanted to put together a basket for Join In Jackson, too! We could all use a few reminders of how much we love where we live, right?

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Since I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I asked on Facebook about the places we couldn’t miss in our basket and came up with a few more ideas so I’m glad I asked!

I decided not to do any gift cards, only physical goods. I also chose not to do anything that required refrigeration. So what did I include?

Here’s what’s included in the “Best of Jackson Michigan” gift basket:

  • A Snickerdoodle Candle from Jackson Candle Company –  then your house can smell like baking without baking anything.
  • A Jackson Gift Box from Gilbert’s Chocolates – it has a little history of Jackson inside plus an assortment of their awesome chocolate.
  • Soaps and Hand Cream from Farm Sudz – my children had a great time smelling every soap in the place and choosing their fave scents.
  • A Dozen Donuts from Hinckley’s – honestly, I get Hinckley’s for every out-of-town guest so obviously, they were in the welcome basket.
  • A Loaf of Sourdough Bread and a Sample Pack of Bagels from Dough Nation Bakery – again, this is what we share with our out-of-town company so it was a no-brainer.
  • Macarons from Blue Julep – can there ever be too many baked goods?
  • House Made Dichotomy Popcorn from Jackson Candy Company – the perfect blend of salty and sweet.
  • A “Greetings from Jackson” T-Shirt from Bright Walls – nothing says “welcome home” quite like sharing our great amazing Bright Walls murals.

Jackson is such a wonderful place to call home! And I’m so glad we get to share it with people and help people fall more in love with Jackson.

Love, Leah

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“Greetings from Jackson” photo courtesy of Bright Walls Jackson on Instagram.

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